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General Information

At a glance


  • The Company
  • Production Sites: Steelworks and Tube Mills
  • Application Areas for Hot Rolled Tubes
Vallourec General Profile



Hot Rolled MSH Structural Tubes Project Reference List

  • Vallourec Tubes Brief Introduction
  • MSH Sections Brief Introduction
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Applications


Hot Rolled MSH Tubes: A Step Ahead in Quality

  • A large range of size and extra-long mill lengths. Over 1400 sizes in lengths of up to 16m
  • Materials: The optimum steel grade for each application
  • Quality certificates: A multi-certified quality product
  • Static values: Higher static values for increased loadability in all applications
  • Buckling loads: Assigned the best buckling curve
  • Weldability: Problem-free welding - even in the corner zones
  • Aesthetics: Clear, smooth lines for elegant structures
  • Safety: Always on the best side
  • Notch toughness: Optimally suited to low-temperature applications
  • Processing: Design benefits through small corner radii and large, flat connecting areas
  • Cost-effectiveness: The proof is in the bottom line
  • Hot-rolled MSH sections to EN 10 210. EN 10 210: the key to success
  • Last but not least: Take advantage of our know-how based on over 100 years of experience


Seamless Steel Tubes for the Construction Industry and Mechanical Engineering

  • VALLOUREC TUBES - Your partners in success
  • Mechanical and civil engineering applications
  • Safety through standards
  • Materials (excerpt)
  • Mechanical properties
  • Hollow bars
  • Fine-grain structural steels suitable for welding
  • Advantages of high-strength fine-grain structural steels
  • Quality management
Seamless Tubes in Weldable High Strength Fine Grain Steels: Content

  • Seamless tubes in weldable high-strength fine-grain steels
  • Manufacture and heat treatment
  • Advantages and applications
  • Special uses
  • Processing fine-grain steels
  • Suitability for welding and weldability
  • Welding fine-grain steels


Structural Hollows Sections (MSH) Circular, Square and Rectangular

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Application areas
  • Manufacturing processes for hot-finished MSH sections
  • Nominal dimensions and sectional properties according to EN 10 210-2
  • Tolerances according to EN 10 210-2
  • Materials
  • Hints for materials selection, design, tendering, and available lengths
  • Literature on the application of MSH sections


Vallourec Industrial Products

  • Vallourec Tubes – Brief Introduction
  • Industrial Products


Premium Tubular Solutions for Power Plants




Technical brochures on T/P91, T/P92, T23/24 and WB36

Technical brochures on T/P91, T/P92, T23/24 and WB36are exclusively available in printing format. If you are interested in these brochures, please send your request and the brochures will be addressed to you by regular mail.

Tubes for Boilers (revision 2011)

  • VALLOUREC TUBES - Your partners in success
  • A complete range
  • Manufacturing program with average wall thickness (EN 10216-2)
  • Manufacturing program with minimum wall thickness (ASTM)
  • Manufacturing program for inside-diameter-controlled pipe
  • Comparison of materials
  • Special products for boiler construction
  • Quality management

Our Mills

The Dusseldorf Rath Works

  • A comprehensive performance package
  • Our products - ideal for your application
  • TQM - our corporate philosophy
  • The plug mill - plant layout and process
  • The pilger rolling mill - plant layout and process
  • Plug mill manufacturing program
  • Pilger mill manufacturing program
  • Further processing departments
  • How to find us
The Dusseldorf Reisholz Works

  • Reisholz - a specialty production site
  • Our products - ideal for your application
  • TQM - our corporate philosophy
  • A special production process
  • Production sequence
  • Extensive machining options
  • Products ready for shipment
  • How to find us
Vallourec Changzhou Works

  • Special features at a glance
  • Tubes and pipes for different applications
  • TQM – our second nature
  • Focused on responsibilities
  • Production sequence
  • Value-added processing and testing